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To assign a participant, click them then click their new event name. To give a vehicle to a different driver, click the driver, then Ctrl-click or Shift-click the car's owner. This page is printable.

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Import data. There will be a few different formats allowed:

Leader data from the spreadsheet exported from JaT. The top row must contain the following fields: First Name, Surname, Preferred Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Team Role, Senior First Aid, Consent, Car Licence - Full, Passengers, Car Avail. The whole spreadsheet may be too large to paste in, so remove a whole lot of the unnecessary columns as well as rows for any leaders who aren't coming. This app only retains what it needs.

Non-leader data from the Google Sheet. Must contain the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Gender, Date Of Birth. These are all near the start of the sheet so you can just copy all the columns up to Date Of Birth. Before pasting in, if you've got the whole spreadsheet, reduce it to participants at your base. But keep the top row on top.

The column headings should match for BWO 2018. If the spreadsheets change in future this app will need to change to accommodate that.


This should be a comma-separated list like "Tue, Wed am, Wed pm, Thu". Note that changing this will delete all other data!
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This program created by Eric Love in 2010, to run with the Access database we used.

Modifed just before BWO 2017 to work without the old Access DB. Modified before BWO 2018 with more improvements. More rushed in before BWO 2019, including working over the internet.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this or you need to know anything about it, talk to me - 0421253504 or

If you like to play with CSS (as I have no style), please feel free to modify this. Any colours you like, including adding style classes in viewer.htm. Then send it to me so others can benefit.

Scheduling tips

The auto-scheduler is not as smart as it could be. First it puts drivers into events until there are enough seats or all the drivers are used. If the latter it bails out and leaves you to manually shift drivers around (possibly setting drivers to make two trips, or just strategically placing P-platers, who only take other leaders) until the drivers work out. If you're doing doubles, best to use them for closer events.
The auto-scheduler's second step is to assign remaining leaders so they're evenly spread relative to the number of participants.
Thirdly, it randomly puts participants into the events, considering the min/ideal/max people for each event (and its current number of seats), also trying to avoid giving someone an event they've done already.
After it's done, look over it and make sure it looks OK. Never delete assignments from a timeslot that has already happened, otherwise people may get the same event as last time.
Welcome to the BWO Assignment viewer & scheduler